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The HAWC (High Altitude Water Cherenkov) observatory builds on the experience and technology of Milagro to make a second-generation high-sensitivity gamma-ray detector. This unique detector will be capable of continuously surveying the TeV sky for steady and transient sources from 100 GeV to 100 TeV.

The HAWC Group at Colorado State

Collaboration Meeting at CSU - Feb 20-23, 2013

You can register for the HAWC Collaboration meeting now at: registration web site.

Our group

Our group in Spring '11: (from left) Ty, Nate, Adam, Andrew, Megan, Jay, Bob, Dave, Paco, Mike, and Miguel.

Site status in May 2012

May 16, 2012: First HAWC tanks are up, and the platform is almost done!

Information about our AGEP Assistantship Award Program


More Information

More information about the HAWC Observatory can be found on the HAWC Observatory web site at UMD.


Our research program is supported by Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Science Foundation.

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