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The HAWC design builds upon our experience with the Milagro detector. Milagro is the first large, uniformly instrumented, air shower array using water Cherenkov technology. The Milagro pond is instrumented with 2 layers of PMTs, a shallow layer for triggering and shower angle reconstruction and a deep calorimetric layer used for hadron rejection. Surrounding the central pond is an array of plastic, outrigger tanks (1 m deep by 3 m diameter) used for core position and shower angle reconstruction. In contrast, the HAWC design utilizes a single deep layer of PMTs with wider separation than used in Milagro. This configuration gives HAWC a much larger active area than Milagro for the same photo-cathode area.

The people in HAWC

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Miguel's HAWC group

Miguel Mostafá PI Miguel.Mostafa@ColoState.edu
Francisco (Paco) Salesa Greus Postdoc sagreus@mail.colostate.edu
Dave Warner Engineer Warner@lamar.colostate.edu
Megan Longo Student Megan.Longo@colostate.edu
Michael Gussert Student mpgusser@gmail.com
Kasey Ackerman Undergrad kaseyackerman@yahoo.com